Dyness Tower T7
Dyness Tower T7
Dyness Tower T7
Dyness Tower T7
Dyness Tower T7
Dyness Tower T7
Dyness Tower T7
Dyness Tower T7
Dyness Tower T7
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Dyness Tower T7

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🔍Indoor and outdoor installation

🔍Flexible assembly your Home Energy Storage System

🔍Dyness Intelligent Monitoring Platform

Tower Series

Indoor and Outdoor installation Home Energy Storage System

NEMA 4X Enclosure, Safe and Reliable to Meet Your Needs

Flexible assembly your Home Energy Storage System

Modular design for easy installation and transportation, wireless and plug-in connector design saves installation time and cost

Intelligent Monitoring Platforms

Full System Monitoring, Easy Commissioning
Dyness APP for Smart phones is a comprehensive platform for system monitoring/commissioning andgeneral O&M.
Multiple Controllable Options
For Both Installers and Users
Automatic Guide to Next Step
All Functions in One App
DYNESS monitoring platform provides insight into household PV production and consumption, displaying the power flow between the PV array, battery, grid and house loads as well as tracking real-time system data.
There is also web monitoring platform, which provides a more detailed running system, historical data, and operations analysis.

Tower Series Specification

6000+ Cycles, 10-Years Warranty


Tower-US is one of our residential high-voltage products and can be combined with Solis S6-US inverter, providing you both whole home and essential backup options.

Connected with Solis 3.8-11.4kW inverter, Tower-US offers 7- 14kWh options for one cluster, and max. 4 clusters can be connected in parallel with the help of combiner box (DCB-TW-US), which means the total energy can be 56kWh.

The warranty period for Tower-US is 10 years. For more information, you can refer to our warranty document by Download Center