Dyness RV Battery VB48100 (48V100Ah)
Dyness RV Battery VB48100 (48V100Ah)
Dyness RV Battery VB48100 (48V100Ah)
Dyness RV Battery VB48100 (48V100Ah)
Dyness RV Battery VB48100 (48V100Ah)
Dyness RV Battery VB48100 (48V100Ah)
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Dyness RV Battery VB48100 (48V100Ah)

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🔍 Weight: 50% weight saving
🔍 Lifespan: 6000 cycle life
🔍 Depth of discharge: 90%
🔍 Capacity: 2.4~144kwh
🔍 Charging rate: 0.5c faster
🔍 Safety: Intelligent BMS monitoring
🔍 Maintenance: Maintenance-free

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Dyness RV lifepo4 battery

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lntelligent Protection , Safe & Reliable

Dyness RV lifepo4 battery built-in BMS system An important function of BMS is overvoltage and undervoltage protection. This type of protection is important because it prevents permanent damage to the battery from overcharging or overdischarging. Another feature is over-current and short-circuit protection, which enables safe operation by limiting the maximum specified current. The third function is under-temperature and over-temperature protection, which ensures that the battery is only charged and discharged within a safe temperature range. The fourth standout feature is cell imbalance, ensuring that each cell is safely and fully charged.
Dyness RV lifepo4 battery is made of safe cell material, light in weight, fast charging and discharging, and the discharge depth is as high as 90%. It can discharge at -4℉~131℉, even in cold areas, it can be safely discharged, allowing you to connect up to 40 groups in parallel, meeting Your electricity needs, convenient for you to explore the beautiful world.

Intelligent Monitoring Platform

Easily monitor and track your home energy information Check your energy consumption and remaining power in real time to save money on your electricity bill. Control via the app Use the mode you need right now
DYNESS monitoring platform provides insight into household PV production and consumption, displaying the power flow between the PV array, battery, grid and house loads as well as tracking real-time system data. There is also web monitoring platform, which provides a more detailed running system, historical data, and operations analysis.

RV Series Specification

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RV batteries are the vital power source for all the electrical systems within a recreational vehicle (RV). These rv batteries ensure that everything from the lights to the appliances functions seamlessly during your travels. 

Dyness RV batteries adopt LFP technology with safe performance, deep cycle and long life, which offers a stable power source even in outdoor scenarios.

Dyness have three RV battery options - RV12100, VB4850 and VB48100, which means you can have 1.2/2.4/4.8kWh options with 50 or 100Ah. All RV batteries will have 5-year warranty.