Wonderful Again Dyness Debuts At Intersolar Europe

On June 14, 2023, the much-anticipated Intersolar exhibition in Munich was grandly opened. Dyness, with its new Tower Pro series of high-voltage residential storage, came to the Intersolar show as promised, and became the most dazzling booth in the show, gathering a lot of popularity.


1. Hand in hand - strong alliance with Kostal

Daqin New Energy continues to innovate, research and develop, accelerate the speed of product upgrade and iteration, and lead the household storage market. After a year of careful preparation, Daqin Sunergy's second high voltage product, Tower Pro TP series, was presented for the first time at the show.

Compared with Tower series, Tower Pro series lithium battery is the first battery of Dyness equipped with LED display, which shows the battery capacity and working status from outside, giving users a more intuitive display and bringing a smarter, more efficient, more convenient and faster user experience:


· has five capacity options, with options up to 23.04kWh per unit to meet your needs;

· modular design, 10,000 cycles life, 1C charging and discharging, super high efficiency;

· elegant and simple pearl white appearance, combining the beauty of energy storage products and functional practicality into one, becoming a beautiful home decoration in users' homes;

· adds RS485 communication interface to achieve longer distance transmission and protect circuit chips;

· supports VPP and other multi-scene applications, and has local LED and remote monitoring functions.

One of the secrets of Dyness household storage products selling well is the ability to match with inverters from leading global brands, such as Kostal, Jinlang, etc.

On the first day of the exhibition, Kostal inverter company from Germany visited the booth of Da Qin Xin Energy and had a cordial and friendly exchange with our sales and R&D technical team.

Kostal German sales manager said: "Dyness ace household storage Tower product series, has been completed with Kostal three-phase inverter plenticore plus & BI matching connection. The Kostal inverters are reliable, smart and easy to use, which fits perfectly with our company philosophy of "smart connections". "

The close cooperation between Daqin New Energy and Kostal means that the two parties share resources and complement each other's strengths to maximize the quality of products and services, thus creating unique products and services for customers and enhancing the system reliability and economy of energy storage systems, making consumers the biggest beneficiaries.

2. Aggregation Empowerment - Liuyang Delivered a Keynote Speech at IBESA Forum

Yang Liu, General Manager of Daqin New Energy, was invited by IBESA, the International Energy Storage Alliance of EUPD Research, to attend the Energy Storage Forum and deliver a speech on the topic of "How to Maximize Electricity Self-Sufficiency: Dyness' Latest Energy Storage Solution".


"Renewable energy is currently used in many scenarios, especially solar power and energy storage technologies, which are gradually forming a novel energy mix. I think it has three major trends: the first trend is decentralization, that is, people are exploring more ways to improve the efficiency of power supply and disperse energy risks; the second trend is multi-scene applications, that is, solar energy and energy storage in the future is not only for rooftop and and self-consumption, there will be more and more application scenarios; the third trend is intelligent management, which means that energy technology will become integrated and intelligent management. In the long run, energy technology will have two characteristics: first, system standardization to reduce operating costs; second, digital operation to reduce transaction costs.

At the same time, the company addresses some pain points in the energy storage market, such as relatively high installation and transaction costs leading to high system costs, relatively complex installation processes and professional system configurations, and long transaction paths from the factory to the end user, etc. Daqin New Energy makes its best efforts to develop the most competitive and cost-effective products to reduce system costs and provide the best experience for users. "

3. Hardcore strength - authoritative certification professional endorsement

Tower and Tower Pro series were awarded VDE-AR-E 2510-50 and 2PfG 2698 certificates by TUV Rheinland; TÜV SÜD conducted a rigorous verification of the raw materials, transportation and production activities of Tower household battery products, and awarded Daqin New Energy Tower ISO14067 carbon footprint verification statement.


The two certifications provide strong authoritative support for Dyness' energy storage products and a powerful endorsement of good quality and excellent safety performance, which will help us break through innovative technology development, improve product quality, further develop international markets and contribute to global carbon peak and sustainable development.

4. Cohesion and Strength - Tribute to Gold Partners

In the past few years, in the overall development of the energy storage industry to the good, we still encountered some severe tests and challenges. In the face of these difficulties, Daqin New Energy and tens of thousands of dealers and installers watch out for each other and help each other, and accompany each other all the way on the road of chasing light.


The Gold Partner Award is also a tribute to the outstanding contribution of our distributors and installers to the promotion of Daqin Solar products in Germany and the global residential PV market.

With the support and participation of these Gold Partners, we have achieved brilliant results thanks to our good reputation, excellent product quality and quality after-sales service. We are pleased to see that Dazin Solar is growing rapidly and Dyness brand influence and user reputation are rising.

5. Awarded as the top energy storage brand of EUPD South Africa

On June 15th, Dyness was again awarded the "Top PV Energy Storage Brand" in South Africa by EUPD Research, an authoritative research organization in Europe, and the award was presented at the Dyness booth.
EUPD Research's "Top Brand PV" award is one of the most highly recognized and prestigious PV awards in the global PV industry.


This award is a testament to Dyness' reputation and leading market position in the South African market, as well as the fact that it is the second time Dyness has won this award after 2022 in the Brazilian market, and also validates that the Dyness brand is highly recognized by customers in the global PV storage market.

The three-day Intersolar exhibition is coming to a successful end, and the wonderful appearance of Daqin Sunergy has not only gained a lot of visitors' enthusiasm and recognition, but also strengthened the company's connection with customers, partners and the market.


In the future, Daqin New Energy will continue to forge ahead, insist on being the innovator of "PV+Storage" solutions with energy storage as the core, take technological innovation as the core, take product iteration as the driver, gain insight into market changes, seize opportunities, and flourish in the challenging market; concentrate on the tide of the light storage industry and Help global energy transformation!