See the World: "Dyness makes New Year's debut at CES 2024 in North America

CES 2024 (International Consumer Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas from 9-12 January local time. Benefiting from the accelerated pace of global energy transformation in recent years, energy storage technology products have become the focus of the show, and Dyness made a stunning debut at Booth 50335 with its smart energy solutions, which attracted a lot of attention from exhibitors.

CES is one of the world's most influential consumer technology exhibitions, attracting top technology companies and innovators from all over the world every year. In this exhibition, Dyness displayed a product matrix covering the whole scenario, including the Orion series of high-voltage products for household storage and low-voltage products such as Powerbox Pro and RV battery VB850, etc., which satisfy users' needs in an all-round way and help users realise the efficient use of energy and reduce the cost of energy usage.

Meanwhile, Dyness' portable product E-pearl 1000W also became the highlight of the exhibition. The product has the advantages of high energy density, long life, high power, portable and safe, and can be flexibly adapted in various scenarios. The product is equipped with multiple output ports and supports interfaces such as USB-A and USB-C direct connection, which can be conveniently used as a DC and AC power source, providing users with reliable energy reserves and flexible energy management solutions.

portable power station

According to WoodMackenzie forecast, by 2031, there is room for 20-fold growth in U.S. household storage. With the successive introduction of federal and local subsidy policies, photovoltaic users are paying more attention to the configuration of energy storage products, thus ensuring the economy. In addition, the local power grid aging and the rapid popularity of new energy vehicles, the imbalance between power supply and demand issues highlighted, coupled with tornadoes, rainstorms, snowstorms, high temperatures and other extreme weather conditions, household energy storage products will have the opportunity to replace the diesel generator, to become the immediate need of the family to prepare for the power.

During the CES exhibition, Dyness had in-depth exchanges and discussions with technology companies and professionals from all over the world to explore the future development direction of clean energy technology. With industry-leading product innovation and globalisation, we believe we can bring one-stop smart energy services to our customers around the world.

Dyness will continue to uphold the concepts of technological innovation and sustainable development, build diversified channels, create an outstanding brand in energy storage, and build a better and more sustainable clean energy future through cooperation and sharing with global partners.