Meet Fantastic North America, dyness at the Energy Expo 2023 in Miami

On August 22-24, 2023, the Energy Expo 2023 was successfully held for three days! As a famous brand of residential energy storage in North America, Dyness once again appeared as promised.

The Miami New Energy Expo, an important platform for the new energy market in North America, brings together many famous brands and enterprises from many countries and regions around the world to showcase cutting-edge products and technologies and innovative solutions. dyness, with its innovative technology and excellent product quality, has won the trust of users, established a good and high-quality brand image in the North American market, and accumulated a very important user reputation in the market. Dyness attracted a lot of attention.

At this exhibition, Dyness displayed its best-selling Orion series, with black and white dual-color and external breathing light, relying on simple and beautiful appearance to show the beauty of home fashion of energy storage products, which quickly attracted many visitors to come to watch and ask questions.

North America is the paradise of the main force of Generation Z consumers. dyness actively embraces Generation Z consumers and has launched two new portable energy storage products: E-Pearl 1000W and E-Lapis 1500W, which have a superb value, a large capacity of up to 1000Wh, and support for multiple ports and charging modes, which can charge multiple electronic devices at the same time. These products perfectly meet the consumer psychology of "value and laziness" of Generation Z users, and quickly captured the hearts of young visitors.

As an important stop of the global green zero-carbon journey in 2023, dyness will take the Energy Expo2023 as a window to continue to plough into the new energy market in North America, and provide more customers with more comprehensive energy solutions in the fields of household and industrial/commercial energy storage as well as portable energy storage in North America by means of high-quality products and perfect service system, and push the breakthroughs and upgrades of the North American new energy industry, so as to make the green and clean energy benefit thousands of households.