Intelligent Optical Storage, Creating the Future with Numbers | Dyness Debuts at RE+ in the U.S

On September 11, local time, the much-anticipated Solar Power International (RE+) grandly opened in Las Vegas, USA. This exhibition is one of the world's largest professional exhibitions for solar energy, gathering famous enterprises from all over the world. In this exhibition, Dyness appeared at Booth 5125 and showed its differentiated multi-sequence products and system solutions to the local market.

Powerful debut, extraordinary experience

As a leading global energy storage technology company, Dyness and its products and services have spread to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. For the US market, Dyness presented a series of powerful exhibits, including residential energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, RV batteries, outdoor portable energy storage, and other multi-sequence, full life cycle energy storage products and system solutions.

RV battery

On the first day of the exhibition, the Orion high-voltage series of residential energy storage batteries and Powerbox-US low-voltage batteries developed by Dyness attracted the attention of many visitors by virtue of their technological innovation and many advantages such as high safety performance.

The Dyness Orion series is a new wall-mounted household high-voltage lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery storage system.

  • Flexible module configuration, with 3 types of power available, up to 19.9kWh, to protect users' energy needs in various scales
  • Higher protection level, IP65 protection level, can be directly installed in the outdoor, to withstand the wind and rain.
  • A variety of layout options, according to the number of battery modules, a variety of layouts flexible combination.
  • Product appearance innovation, a variety of product color options, breathing lights, further close to the user's life scenarios, to achieve aesthetic integration.

In addition, the human-computer interaction experience is also a highlight of the Powerbox-US version. Users only need to pass the LED indicator on the side of the body to understand the product's operation status in real time, so as to achieve safety precautions to ensure that the system operates well and maximize efficiency.

Industry Focus, Energy Storage

At the exhibition site, Dyness and well-known energy storage companies in North America jointly organized an industry-related roundtable forum, in which Liu Yang, Chairman and CEO of Dyness, and Allen Lei, Director of Overseas Sales, held in-depth discussions with experts on the current state of development of the U.S. energy storage industry as well as cutting-edge technological information, etc., and looked forward to the future of energy storage through an in-depth analysis of the market.

As an important pole in the global energy storage market, the U.S. is driven by policy, market and technology. It is expected that the U.S. will become one of the largest energy storage markets in the world in the next decade, and the installed capacity of energy storage will grow rapidly. With the continuous introduction of energy storage policy and market mechanism of the increasingly perfect, the United States household storage installed capacity will grow rapidly, PV distribution storage penetration rate increased significantly. According to USITC data, the U.S. household energy storage installed capacity of 235MW/540MWh in 2020, corresponding to 2017-2020 compound growth rate of 162%/165%.

The head of North American market sales of Dyness said that electrochemical energy storage will become a new engine of growth for the U.S. energy storage market. As one of the world's largest economies, the U.S. is a large carbon emitting country. Reducing carbon emissions and accelerating energy transformation have become imperative. In order to better adapt to the needs of the U.S. domestic market and improve service efficiency, Dyness has established a local subsidiary in 2022 and established close partnerships with distributors and installers of top U.S. energy storage companies, etc., so as to bring Dyness's energy storage products and solutions closer to more U.S. and North American users.

Based on its leading technological advantages, Dyness always introduces targeted solutions and measures according to each country and regional market, in order to provide the market with better products and services covering the entire process. Taking this RE+ exhibition as an opportunity, Dyness will join hands with all relevant partners to continue to advance steadily in the U.S. market and add new impetus to the global "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral" cause.