First-class battery brand to fight load-shedding in South Africa: Dyness provides reliable energy storage solutions for households and businesses

The Solar Power Africa 2024 show has just come to a close in Cape Town, with over 60 exhibitors participating in this industry event this year. As one of the largest industry exhibitions in the region, technology providers from different countries showcased their latest solar solutions, demonstrating the hot solar market in South Africa.

In recent years, South Africa has experienced frequent blackouts, also known as 'load-shedding’, due to electricity shortages. According to the latest Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2023) published by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy South Africa, South Africa is expected to experience at least four more years of load-shedding. Since the beginning of 2024, the country has already been plunged into power cuts, after an almost three-week streak of no load-shedding. According to Eskom's latest load-shedding schedule, Johannesburg, for example, is currently experiencing an average of three outages per day, with a cumulative 7.5 hours of outages each day.

Against this background, people living in South Africa are looking for ways to reduce dependence on the grid. Energy storage as an essential component of backup power solutions can provide a stable and sustainable power supply for households and businesses, gaining more and more popularity locally. According to Wood Mackenzie, one of the well-known research institutes in the industry, 2023 is a record year for the market, and it's estimated that the total energy storage installations in South Africa will reach 4.2 GW / 15.2 GWh by 2032. Bertha Dlamini, president of African Women in Energy and Power also pointed out in an interview that in the second quarter of 2023 alone, South Africa imported more than $1.7 billion worth of inverters and battery energy storage systems, indicating the huge growth potential of the market.

Image Source: Wood Mackenzie

However, there are some barriers to purchasing energy storage systems for households and businesses in South Africa. For example, high system prices, inconsistent system efficiency, expensive maintenance, warranty issues, and lack of technical support make it difficult for users to make a decision. Dyness, the key player in the South African energy storage market, has recently been recognized by MyBroadband, South Africa's largest ICT news site, as one of the best battery brands to fight load-shedding in South Africa due to brand reputation, the quality of its products, durable lifespan and technical support. It is proof that Dyness is one of the best choices for local users who are seeking reliable energy storage solutions.

At the Solar Power Africa 2024 show, Dyness presented its latest energy storage solutions for the South African market. The exhibited low-voltage battery product DL5.0C attracted the attention of many visitors by virtue of its safety, reliability and wide compatibility with over 10 leading inverter brands such as Deye, Victron and Sungrow.

The DL5.0C is a 5.12 kWh battery adopting economic design. It supports wall-mounting, floor-mounting, and stacking installation, suitable for various installation spaces. Furthermore, its 1C charge/discharge ratio and 95% depth of discharge of this system ensure high system efficiency and capacity utilization.

It also supports real-time battery status monitoring and remote program upgrades for easy maintenance to reduce users' expenses. With a 10-year warranty, the DL5.0C can eliminate users' concerns about the product's lifespan and operating cycle. In addition, Dyness has established a professional technical support structure and team in South Africa, which can also provide timely after-sales service for users.

In the case where capacity expansion is required, this modular product boasts efficient parallel connection with up to 50 units to reach a capacity of 256kWh. This feature enables the DL5.0C to be ideal for various backup power setups not only household applications but also light commercial scenarios such as farms, community hospitals and small nursing homes.

It is due to its high-quality products and comprehensive support service system that Dyness has gained high brand recognition in South Africa, having been awarded as "Top Brand PV" by EUPD Research, an authoritative research institute in the industry. Dyness is also committed to providing innovative energy storage solutions to local users, maximizing the use of renewable energy and addressing the problem of electricity shortage.