Dyness Brings Peace of Mind to North American Users with Cost-efficient Energy Storage Solutions

As one of the largest energy storage markets in the world, the U.S. energy storage market is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade, driven by Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) policies, state carbon reduction targets, and user demands. Since 2023, quarterly energy storage installations in the U.S. have been setting records over and over again. According to Wood Mackenzie, the U.S. residential storage market is forecasted to be 3.0 times by 2028 and deploy a total of 9.5GW installations over 5 years. States and utilities are also increasingly looking at residential storage as a way to deal with increasing electrification and renewable energy penetration.

Credits offered through the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) have spurred the adoption of electric vehicles, energy storage and other forms of electrification in the U.S. Households in this country are seeking energy storage to balance the power grid stress and cut their expenses on electricity consumption, as well as realize power self-generation and self-consumption, reducing emissions from fossil fuel-based energy sources at the same time. They hope that the energy storage system could provide backup power for their home loads, allowing them to manage their energy and take control of its use in case of extreme conditions like natural disasters.

Dyness, the global pioneering energy storage solutions innovator, has established a comprehensive product portfolio for full scenarios, including C&I and residential energy storage throughout the entire lifecycle. With 12 branches globally, Dyness has served over 500,000 users worldwide. By virtue of its market presence and product strength, Dyness has won the awards of ‘Top Brand PV(Storage)’, ‘The Best Residential Energy Storage Supplier’, etc., which demonstrate its great brand influence and reputation worldwide.

The North American market is a segment that Dyness highly values. Due to many circumstances, such as price changes in the national electricity market, unbalanced power supply to users occurs. On this basis, Dyness has launched a diverse range of products to meet their needs for balanced power consumption. For instance, in the C&I sector, there’s the integrated system DH200Y, and for residential scenarios, there are the Tower US Series, Powerbox-US, and Orion Series, among others. In line with the unique market characteristics of North America, Dyness has also launched specialized products such as RV Batteries and Portables. Among this product matrix, one cannot overlook the residential All-In-One energy storage system - the Orion Series.

It is an all-in-one energy storage system with an expandable capacity from 9.9kWh to 19.9kWh, catering to the different electricity needs of homeowners. Featuring ultimate security, high system efficiency, long lifespan and easy installation, the Orion Series could provide more flexibility and reliability for families who expect to be power-independent.

Certified by UL1973 and UL9540A, the most strict product safety test in the industry, the stability and safety of the Orion Series with LFP cells are guaranteed further. In addition, it has a cycle life of 8000 cycles and supports up to a 12-year warranty, which reduces users' concerns about the longevity and durability of the system. Furthermore, its modular structure and plug-and-play design make the system easy for installation and maintenance, saving users' investment costs. This feature also makes various installation configurations possible so that the house space can be saved greatly.

Beyond these, the Orion Series provides flexible capacity options up to 19.9kWh, satisfying households with high power consumption needs, especially under the trend of higher EV penetration rate. With a hybrid inverter, the system also supports both models of whole home backup and essential backup, which offer users different solutions to hold uninterrupted power supply during grid outages or emergencies, owning increased reliability and peace of mind.

Moreover, Dyness has an independent operation and management system in the North American market. In addition to providing a full range of solution consulting, purchasing and installation assistance services, our independent and efficient support team could solve problems for customers and users in the first place.

As energy storage resources are becoming an increasingly important part of North America's energy mix, and more states have introduced storage incentives, we believe that this market will continue to grow as expected. Relying on years of market experience and a mature product management system, Dyness is committed to providing more intelligent and integrated energy storage solutions for North American users. Collaborating with 90+ global partners, Dyness will strive to reduce the cost of renewable energy usage and promote global sustainable development.

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