A Notification Letter of Matching Between Dyness and Kostal Inverters

Dear customers,

Thank you for your attention and support for our company's products and services. After comprehensive research and testing, we are pleased to confirm that the Dyness Tower series T7, T10, T14, and T17 is compatible with Kostal inverter PLENTICORE plus and the battery inverter PLENTICORE BI.

This means you can confidently choose our company's products and use them with Kostal inverters for optimal performance and reliability. We believe this close collaboration will provide you with an excellent user experience and meet your renewable energy system needs.

Dyness Tower series
The Tower Series

The Dyness Tower battery has protection class IP54 and a modular design. This means that the battery can be expanded and adapted to personal needs if necessary. In combination with the PLENTICORE Plus (IP65) or PLENTICORE BI (IP65), it is possible to use up to five battery modules. Depending on the number of battery modules, the Tower has a height of 70cm when using two modules and up to 130cm when using five modules. The width is 50.4cm and the depth is 38cm. The operating temperature is between 0 and 50°C. A quick overview of the expected degree of self-sufficiency and self-consumption is provided by the KOSTAL solar calculator. Here you can easily adjust the battery sizes with a slider, giving you an instant estimate of the expected degree of independence.

Depending on the design, the voltage range of the Dyness Tower is between 192 and 480V. This leads to a charge/discharge power of 5 to 10kW for the BI, depending on the model and the number of battery modules. In the case of the PLENTICORE plus 3.0-10, the values are between 2.5kW and 6.2kW.


As a hybrid inverter, the PLENTICORE Plus is the ideal all-rounder for numerous installation configurations. Connection to the Dyness Tower is extremely simple and convenient. The hybrid inverter has a power between 3 and 10kW, and can also reach higher powers when two or more devices are connected. The dynamic control of the PLENTICORE delivers the largest possible amount of self-generated power at the right time.

The PLENTICORE BI battery inverter is also a real powerhouse and is available in power classes 5.5 and 10kW, with an input current of 26A. This makes the battery inverter the ideal choice for expanding the existing PV installation.

If you have any questions or need further information about the campatibility of our company's products with Kostal inverters, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide support and assistance.

Thank you again for your trust and support in our company. We look forward to working with you to advance the advancement of renewable energy technologies.



Dyness Digital Energy Technology Co., LTD.