Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh
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Dyness ORION All-In-One ESS 9.9kwh

💡Intelligent Monitoring Platforms
💡Flexible battery capacity combinations
💡Flexible Space Options and Installation
💡Multiple Operation Mode
💡Customizable System Color


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Backup Power for Your Home Anytime

Orion Series Features

Home Energy Backup Solutions

Full Backup Solution

Dyness provides a backup gateway that can cover your entire housse load if there are likely to be many loads needed to be covered during blackouts.

Essential Backup Solution

As it is dear which loads will need power,or you want to make sure of essential loads having enough power supply during blackout, Essential Backup system will be a good choice.

Flexible battery capacity combinations

Flexible Space Options and Installation

DYNESS Orion system, Tower-US and Powerbox-US series can meet different installation requirements, displaying types of physical combination forms,minimizing the space needs, which satisfy complicated conditions, like garage walls or basements.

Orion Series Specification

  • Battery
  • Inverter
  • SCD

Customizable System Color

Intelligent Monitoring Platforms

Full System Monitoring Easy Commissioning
Dyness APP for Smart phones is a comprehensive platform for system monitoring/commissioning andgeneral O&M.
Multiple Controllable Options
For Both Installers and Users
Automatic Guide to Next Step
All Functions in One App
DYNESS monitoring platform provides insight into household PV production and consumption, displaying the power flow between the PV array, battery, grid and house loads as well as tracking real-time system data.
There is also web monitoring platform, which provides a more detailed running system, historical data, and operations analysis.

10,000+ Cycles, 12-Years Warranty


The main difference between them are the backup loads. With whole home backup, your Orion system will be able to support all appliances in your home during a power outage; while partial home backup allows you to back up essential loads. Whichever you need, you have to choose the optional Smart Control Device (SCD).

You can use My Dyness (APP) or Dyness Portal (Online Monitoring Platform) to monitor day-to-day operations and understand the flow of energy in your home. Please refer to the APP/Platform instruction for further information.

Yes, safety is always our first priority. The Orion system is equipped with AFCI & RSD function and comes with LiFePO4 Battery and up to 12 years of warranty life. Its BDU and BMS inside each module regulates key battery parameters to keep the safety and reliability of the whole system.

* for Orion battery & HM Inverter. Please refer to the warranty terms for more details.